Men's Cut T-shirts

Super comfortable, made with 100% organic cotton, manufactured using only wind and solar energy. Supplied by Earth Positive, transport is bound by a ‘No Airfreight Policy’ minimising our carbon footprint!

Women's Cut T-Shirt

All our t-shirts are also  printed using eco-friendly inks made with vegetable oil rather than mineral oil, and it’s fair trade too!

Tote Bags

Not to mention these are all original designs – we hope you like them as much as we do! Our new bags are made with 40% organic cotton, and 60% recycled pre-consumer cotton – that is all the off-cuts from factories that would normally go to landfill.


All of our prints and posters are made using 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly inks – just like our t-shirts.

Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards are also 100% recycled and printed using eco-friendly inks. All our packaging are either 100% recycled card and paper material, or 100% biodegradable material made with cellulose. Absolutely NO plastic from us!