What is GraphyX Design Forum About?


At the crux of GraphyX Design Forum is art that is inclusive, useful and ethical.

PURPOSE: GraphyX Design Forum brings art into the forefront of everyday life by incorporating it into the very stuff that surrounds us daily; things that are useful, affordable and sustainable.

VISION: We envisage a world in which everybody can afford to own and share tangible pieces of art that they love, may it be on a print, a t-shirt or a shopping bag.

VALUES: Everything we do and create is grounded with the intention of being as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible.

Art is for EVERYBODY

We believe that art and design is an integral part of living. Art makes people think and feel. It allows us to connect with each other beyond words. Good design makes life easier to navigate, and it makes people smile. It allows us to communicate better. Therefore, art should be accessible to EVERYBODY. You don’t have to be at a gallery to look at art – you can wear it! You don’t have to have a big-ass building to house an expensive framed oil painting either – a simple affordable print can make all the difference. And you don’t have to succumb to generic ‘get well soon’ cards for your friends and family – make the most out of your £3 and give them something they’d enjoy looking at and will stick around for a while.

We also think that good design is even better when it’s useful. Great big prints are cool, but only when you have great big walls! But hey, we all have bodies and we all need clothing – t-shirts are the epitome of useful. Tote bags? We all need to buy food.

Affordability for prints is top priority for us. We don’t know about you but we rearrange furniture and move frames around endlessly. We get bored. A lot. Quickly. We like to have a rotation of stuff on our walls – and that’s ok! We’re totally happy for you to replace our prints when you’re bored of them – and we don’t want it to cost a fortune either!

The environment matters!

And yeah, it’s all a bit disposable. That’s kind of what the world does now. This is BAD for the environment, and there’s no point in having pretty stuff if we don’t have a planet to live on; we’ve also made sure that everything we supply to is as eco-friendly as possible.

All of our prints and greetings cards are made using 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly inks – that’s vegetable oil-based inks rather than mineral oil. All of our t-shirts and bags are 100% organic cotton and manufactured using ONLY wind and solar energy. They are supplied to us by Earth Positive, who ships all of their stock to Europe rather than using airfreight, minimising carbon footprint.

All of our packaging is 100% recycled and/or recyclable – your t-shirts and bags come in handy boxes made with 100% recycled cardboard, your larger prints are posted in 100% recycled cardboard tubes, and any ‘plastics’ we use is made with cellulose which is 100% biodegradable.


Of course, we also want to encourage conscious and considered buying. That’s why we make art that we really love, and we can only hope that they bring you as much joy too.

People matter too!

Earth Positive t-shirts are also certified fair trade. All our paper-based products are sources as locally as possible, ensuring that all workers in the process are getting a fair deal.

We’re not perfect though…

We try our best, but we have a way to go yet.

We’re still looking for a way of screen-printing our bags and t-shirts with non-acrylic, more eco-friendly ink. We don’t want your t-shirts to fade after only a few washes – more clothes in landfill doesn’t do anyone much good either.

We’re also looking for a way to minimise the travel of our goods from supplier to printers to warehouse to you.

We’re also looking for eco-friendly couriers services.

How can you help?

Well – if you know of anyone who might be able to help us further minimise our carbon footprint, let us know! Contact us on admin@graphyx.design.

There’s also a lot you can do on your side too! T-shirt too worn? Take it to be recycled at your local clothing bank. The same goes for your bags too.

Bored of your prints? Give them away to somebody else, to charity or simply stick it in your paper recycling bin.

Done with your greetings cards? Stick them in the recycling bin too.

Make sure you put our ‘plastics’ cellulose packaging in your compost bin and recycle all of our cardboard packaging.

Alternatively for your old t-shirts, bags and prints, you can email us to request a paid-for envelope and post us back your old t-shirt and we will recycle/up-cycle it for you. 🙂

The people behind GraphyX

Raphy Mendoza

Co-Director and Illustrator

So I’d had these sketches I’d been working on, and I’d been wanting to turn them into something for a while. And then one day I broke my foot and had an absurd amount of free time.

So I rang my mum, made her feel sorry for me so that she’d drive for 2 hours to come and see me, with sushi (she makes the best sushi in the world. The entire world). So pitched the idea to her and said ‘let’s make this happen’, and she said ‘ok’ for some reason (she’s normally so sensible…) and now here we are!

Over the course of a few more months, I made a few more demands (“Can you find some money so we can buy some stock? Can you find an accountant? Can you just take the accounts, I can’t cope. Can you drive for a million hours and run the market for me for a day and then stand in the cold trying to sell t-shirts for 10 hours please?”)

I guess this is a family thing. I grew up in the Philippines with my mum, aunties and grandma running a clothing factory. On that broken-foot visit, she told me that her mum (my grandmother) said in the ’70’s “t-shirts will never go out of fashion.” She told me all about how it was like then, how the business grew, how my grandma ran things and what it was like to work in the family business. I also have very fond memories of all the workers that my grandma employed; there were always these huge Christmas parties every year that involved everyone – there would be lots of food, games and everyone would get a present. We would all celebrate together – my grandparents, my mum, aunts, uncles, cousins, all the workers and their families too. I also hung out at the shop a lot so they all sort of looked after me (made sure I didn’t stick my fingers in various sewing contraptions…)

I suppose because of that the issue of fair employment has always been in my awareness, and that’s something I really want to bring to the table with GraphyX.


Malen Mendoza-Baxter

Co-Direction and Administrator

This is clearly a ‘family thing’.  Only a mother agrees to finance a business, keep the books and finances in order, act as secretary/administrator, and reorganise my quiet life to man a market stall! But hey, I can be sensible and I totally believe in my daughter’s amazing talent, ethics, convictions, and relentless spirit to inspire others.

My mother was a university professor teaching business management when she set up a garments manufacturing business in 1976 when I was only 15 years old. After graduating from university, I started to work for the business. Not long after, my younger sisters got involved and we were all running the business as a family. Those were busy, dynamic, fruitful and joyful years until my mum’s demise in 1998.  Somehow the life and soul of the business died with her.  My sisters and I gravitated towards other interests. Visions of taking the business to the next level dissipated, the passion gone; but perhaps not for good.

Raphy’s enthusiasm was a revelation. Perhaps it was time to return to our beginnings, to create the next chapter to our family’s history, to restore my mother’s legacy – fairness and compassion to her employees, honesty and integrity in all her dealings with suppliers and customers, passion for perfection, a deep love for life!

Welcome to our little corner.  If anything we do and believe in resonate with the voice within you, then let’s get on this journey together. We’re not experts, not perfect, but we will eventually get there.


This is Yvonne Umali, one of our brand reps. A fantastic model, but also a voice for the environment. Check out our blog to watch her video interview about sustainability in the fashion industry!

YvonnePortraitReel B&W Sqaure1


This is Saul Bateman, another one of our fantastic brand reps, and one of the most talented artists, musicians, and thespians amongst the species. Watch this space for his upcoming projects – we’ll be sure to share it on our blog and social media!

SultrySaul B&W Square


This is one of our brand representatives, Rio Herradura. A true natural in front of the camera, and a big voice for the LGBTQ community. Read more about Rio’s journey in Transgenderism and what this means for the art and fashion industry in our blog.



This is Yasmin Thomas, one of our brand representatives and the make of Rio! As in she made Rio. As in she’s the wonderful woman who is Rio’s mum! She’s our favourite one to shoot – she’s hilarious. She’s great. She’s awesome.



This is Sophie De Nofrio! She probably didn’t think working at Stroud Brewery and meeting Raphy behind the bar would lead to this… but it did. We owe a lot to our brand reps. They put themselves in front of the camera for all to see and in doing so support and represent our business in the most wonderful way.

Oh and she’s a fantastic professional artist too! Make sure to check up on our blog for her stuff!